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SIGN2: Special Issue Taihu (China)

Within the framework of the research activities of SIGN and SIGN2, a special issue was published in the journal "Science of the total Environment" with the title "Taihu (China): Water Quality and Processes - From the Source to the Tap".

In SIGN/SIGN2 a wide range of research activities is being carried out, from raw water quality to water treatment and distribution at Lake Tai (China). The SIGN consortium has initiated the publication of current results of the BMBF-funded projects as well as the Chinese projects as a thematically focused special issue of the journal Science of the total Environment (STOTEN).

After completion of the external peer review process, the special issue is available online. The special issue summarizes 26 publications with investigations on pollutant distribution in Lake Tai up to innovative approaches in the fields of monitoring, modelling, drinking water treatment and distribution. If you are interested, the SIGN2 coordination team can provide further information or hardcover copies of the special issue

You can find the editorial of the special issue online under this link.