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Test der Membran-Pilotanlage in Deutschland
Test of the membrane pilot plant in Germany

SIGN-2 tests its membrane pilot plant in Germany

Within the scope of SIGN2, membrane modules from Inge were coated with the innovative layer-by-layer technology from Surflay. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the further developed membranes could not be installed as planned at the location of the pilot plant at the waterworks in Wujiang (China), which had previously been sampled several times. Nonetheless, in order to test the new membranes on a pilot scale, an alternative site in Germany was selected.

Inge membrane modules with a membrane surface of six square metres were coated by Surflay using the innovative layer-by-layer technology. Here, the coated membrane offers the advantage that the ultrafiltration membrane with high flow rate is combined with an increased filtration efficiency, which is comparable to nanofiltration. Due to the pandemic, the developed membranes could not be tested in China as planned. As an alternative, the German partners were able to find a location in Germany at the Ruhr.

The sampling was carried out together with colleagues from KIT, IWW, FZ Jülich, TZW-KA, Goethe University Frankfurt and the company Inge. The sampling of the feed and the filtrate could be performed on the sampling day without any incidents. Due to the cooperation of numerous project partners, a wide range of hydrochemical, organic and biological parameters can be analyzed and the filtration efficiency of the coated membrane can thus be optimally assessed.