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Preisverleihung auf den Startups Connected 2022

revolBRAS: stakeholder meeting, start-up award and field study

A lot has happened in the revolBRAS project: In October 2022, face-to-face meetings with Brazilian stakeholders took place at the K-2022 trade fair in Düsseldorf, and the project coordinator RITTEC Umwelttechnik was awarded the Startups Connected 2022 in Brazil. The team is also planning a field study in São Paulo city in November 2022.

1. revolBRAS project meeting

With the implementation of the innovative recycling technology "revolPET®" in Brazil, the revolBRAS project provides a holistic solution to the recycling challenge of the PET value chain and its business ecosystem. The first revolBRAS project meeting took place digitally in July 2022, where all project partners got the possibility to present interim results. Valuable discussions about the continuation of the project took place afterwards. After the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (AHK) conducted a market analysis to identify potential stakeholders in the Brazilian PET market, face-to-face meetings with these players took place at the K-2022 trade fair in Düsseldorf. Here, the start-up RITTEC presented their solution for PET-containing composite packaging and polyester-containing textiles.

2. Award for revolBRAS

RITTEC already presented its innovative recycling solution and the revolBRAS project at Startups Connected 2022 in September 2022. This event is organised by the AHK and the German Wissenschafts- und Innovationshaus (DWIH) and it focused on "Innovation for Sustainability". RITTEC received the Startups Connected 2022 award as a representative of the revolBRAS project. The highly qualified jury recognised the importance and urgency of implementing the revolBRAS project and therefore selected RITTEC as the winner among the 17 participants. You can find more information on the event and the award ceremony here.

3. Field study in São Paulo

A field study in São Paulo with cooperation partners will be continued as part of the revolBRAS project. This is to be implemented and expanded from November 2022 with four waste collection cooperatives. The aim is to identify the market potential for PET composites in the state of São Paulo. The data generated will also support and accompany the social and environmental accounting of the innovative PET value chain.

Waste collectors' cooperative in Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo
Waste collectors' cooperative in Ribeirão Preto - São Paulo © Cooperativa Mãos Dadas