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Einkauf von Materialien für die Versuchsanlage © Ronja Voß

RAIN: Preparation for the construction of the gravity-driven filtration system in Ghana

In late April 2022, the RAIN project team started constructing a low-tech filtration plant with an attached irrigation system for the use of contaminated surface water in Ghana.

At the end of April 2022, a team from the Ruhr-University of Bochum (RUB) arrived in Ghana to set-up a small-scale low-tech filter system to test its performance under natural conditions. The filtration-system is evaluated as a low-tech technique for providing safe irrigation water to small-holder farmers in peri-urban areas who use surface water, that is often contaminated.


Fässer auf einem lokalen Markt in Accra. ©  Sophie Krüger

Barrels at a local market in Accra. © Sophie Krüger

The team's first tasks included finding a suitable test site and purchasing materials for the construction of the filter pilot plant. Besides some tools and fittings brought from Germany, materials such as pipes, small components, filter and storage tanks were obtained from street markets in Accra. The use of locally available materials for the construction of the filter system is in line with the low-tech and low-budget approach, which makes the system more interesting for local users.

Geschäft auf dem Markt in Accra © Ronja Voß

Market shop in Accra. © Ronja Voß

Together with the Ghanaian partners from the University of Ghana (UG) and the Accra Sewage Improvement Pro-ject (ASIP), a suitable test site was found and all preparation were made to start the construction and assembly of the pilot plant for gravity filtration.

Einkauf von Materialien für die Versuchsanlage © Ronja Voß

Shopping of materials for plant construction. © Ronja Voß

Another German project partner, Manotura, joined the team a week later to set up an irrigation system to be coupled with the filtration system. The coupled gravity-driven filtration-irrigation system is part of the second work package (WP 2): Sustainable Technologies and Services for Adaptation to Climate Change in Flood- and Drought-Endangered Settlement Areas in Ghana.


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