Bild mit Panorama von Almaty
Panorama of Almaty

Opening of the regional office of CASIB - Central Asian Sustainable Innovation Bureau in Almaty

On 24/6/2019, German and Central Asian representatives from science and industry met in Almaty to usher in the launch of the CASIB regional office as part of a stakeholder conference. The event focused on the emergence and strengthening of networks for joint scientific and economic collaboration between Germany and Central Asia in the context of the CLIENT II funding measure.

On June 24, 2019, about 100 participants from Germany and Central Asian countries met in the Kazakh city of Almaty for the stakeholder conference on the occasion of the inauguration of the CLIENT II CASIB (Central Asian Sustainable Innovation Bureau) regional office.

Intensifying the transfer of sustainability innovations in the region as well as increased research networking is the main concern of the project office. Cooperation and collaboration between German and Central Asian actors from research and practice should be strengthened and further developed thanks to the on-site presence. One of the aims of CLIENT II is to strengthen Kazakhstan's research and education sector. The international cooperation of CLIENT II also promotes the innovation and development prospects of Central Asia. The Almaty location is ideal as the city has a long-standing scientific culture and a young and dynamic start-up scene.

The CASIB office is now available as an information and coordination office for all CLIENT II collaborative projects located in the region of Central Asia.

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