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Interview with the project coordinator of ReAK

In a video interview, the project coordinator of the ReAK project, Anna-Lisa Bachmann, explains the goals of the project, discusses the biggest challenges of the upcoming year, and reflects on how the Corona crisis has affected the project so far.

In a video interview with the coordinating institute Fraunhofer IWKS, project coordinator Anna-Lisa Bachmann outlines the ecological issues of environmental pollution through arsenic from copper mining in Chile. She also describes how ReAK is going to tackle these issues, in cooperation with project partners from the mining industry. The involvement and feedback of the industry partners is essential, as they need to be able to easily implement the improved copper production process.

Watch the video interview here

According to Anna-Lisa Bachmann, the biggest challenge of the newly started ReAK project in the upcoming year will be the obtaining of representative ore samples from Chile, which has been delayed because of the Corona crisis. The crisis has also delayed meetings with the Chilean project partners in person and visiting the project sites, but luckily the cooperation has been able to continue online.