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 Anzeigetafel mit Titel der Konferenz © CASIB

International Week of Innovative Ideas (INNOWEEK) in Uzbekistan

The International Week of Innovative Ideas (INNOWEEK), is an annual trade fair and conference held in Uzbekistan. It has established itself as the largest international event for research and innovation in the region.
Beratung zu Fördermöglichkeiten in Deutschland
Image 1: Advice on funding opportunities in Germany © CASIB
CLIENT II-Projekt KendyrTEX auf der INNOWEEK
Image 2: CLIENT II Project KendyrTEX at INNOWEEK © CASIB

The organising Ministry for Higher Education, Science and Innovation (MHESI) is the main counterpart of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) regarding scientific and technological cooperation. Therefore, the German delegation was represented with an exhibition booth and organised a two-day conference to present the German science landscape and ongoing research projects between Germany and Uzbekistan.

CLIENT II Messestand
Image 3: CLIENT II booth © CASIB

Sachsen-Leinen e.V. and the Central Asian Sustainable Innovation Bureau (CASIB) presented the CLIENT II funding measure at the event and the current Uzbek-German cooperation projects SUFACHAIN and KendyrTEX in Uzbekistan.

Präsentation des bilateralen PreCultBuild-Projekts durch das deutsche Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg
Image 4: Presentation of the bilateral PreCultBuild project by the German Fachwerkzentrum Quedlinburg © CASIB
Gabriele Hermani, Leiterin des BMBF Referats für Zentralasien und Minister Ibrokhim Abdrakhmonov auf der INNOWEEK
Image 5: Gabriele Hermani, Head of the BMBF Central Asia Department and Minister Ibrokhim Abdurakhmonov at INNOWEEK © CASIB