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EnerSHelF publishes two Policy Briefs

The EnerSHelF Project is finalizing its research results. In this process, two policy briefs have just been published. In a condensed form, they present findings and key recommendations derived from the research for relevant stakeholders and policy makers.

In the first policy brief – Enhancing Energy Supply for Healthcare Facilities in Ghana Requires Interdisciplinary Perspectives the researchers from the technical disciplines present an interdisciplinary perspective on the requirements for enhancing energy supply for healthcare facilities in Ghana. The policy brief has different foci ranging from system design, meteorological considerations, and planning of photovoltaic-solar hybrid systems.

The second policy brief – Exploring the Determinants of Demand for Solar Systems in Ghanaian Healthcare Facilities – provides insights into demand for and its determinants of solar systems in Ghanaian healthcare facilities. The key insights and recommendations are based on 200 interviews conducted with health facility managers throughout Ghana. It unveils their perspectives on the potential of solar systems for healthcare services and their clinics.

You can download the policy briefs on the EnerSHelF website.