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Dams in Armenia - State of the art and research potentials

On 14 September 2022, the DAMAST and DAMAST-Transfer teams organised a discussion meeting with Armenian scientists. Among other things, the participants discussed the state of the art and the improvement of research potentials.

Dams are important infrastructures for energy- and water supply, but they are also essential for the storage of mining by-products. This material is either fluid, solid or a sludge of fine particles and usually highly toxic. Fixed spoil heaps are often used as part of the structure itself. The so-called Tailings dams are among the largest engineering structures on earth. They are designed for permanent containment and have different requirements for long-term containment. The meeting with scientists from various Armenian institutions provided an overview of the state of the art in dam monitoring in Armenia and enabled a discussion on the potential for improvement in documentation and safety practices, as well as the identification of dams to be studied in more detail in the future.

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