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Newsletter I November 2022

See here for the newsletter sent out in November 2022


  • Webinars and events
  • Community News:
    • BestBioPLA: Trade fair appearance marks completion of project
    • CLIENT II project FarmImpact featured in the FONA newsletter
    • RIESGOS 2.0: Training on the RIESGOS demonstrator
    • revolBRAS: stakeholder meeting, start-up award and field study
    • RAIN: Dissemination workshop in Accra
    • JOSSI: Solar process steam workshop in Amman
    • PEPcat: Construction of the pilot plant begins
    • DAMAST teams present work
    • Dams in Armenia - State of the art and research potentials
  • CLIENT II says good bye to:
    • FarmImpact 
  • Events

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