CLIENT Conference 2021

Newsletter I February 2022

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  • CLIENT Conference Report
  • Farewell letter from the project office "Clean Water" in Shanghai

  • Community News:
    • EnerSHelF: Interview with the project coordinators
    • ÖkoFlussPlan: Start of Construction Works For “Real Lab” in Kyrgyzstan
    • ÖkoFlussPlan: Kyrgyz village develops  own strategies to protect alluvial forest
    • CLIMAFRI Newsletter 2021
    • PROCEED at the OFF-GRID Expo & Conference in Augsburg
    • Inform@Risk: German project teams travel to Medellín to install early warning system
  • CLIENT II welcomes:
    • KendyrTEX 
    • EnaTex 
    • SuLaMo
  • CLIENT II says good bye to:
    • SecMinTec
  • Events

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