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Newsletter I December 2024

See here for the newsletter sent out in December 2024.


  • Funding announcement: Establishment of sustainable partnership structures
  • SDG success story: Locust-Tec
  • Community Neuigkeiten:
    • ViWaT-Engineering: Observatory for measuring land subsidence in the Mekong Delta still in operation after the end of the project
    • SUFACHAIN: Invitation to an online workshop on carbon certification in agroforestry systems in Central Asia
    • International week of innovative ideas (INNOWEEK) in Uzbekistan
    • German-Kazakh Science Day 2023
    • RENO-TITAN: With the scintillator through the titanium mine
    • CLIENT II projects give input to IPBES workshop in Kyrgyzstan
    • Locust-Tec: new DLR project video
  • CLIENT II says goodbye to:
    • PEPcat
    • CAMaRSEC
    • ReAK
    • LoSens
    • SinoTrough
  • Events

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