Instruments and organisation

The aim of FONA³ is to promote innovation for a sustainable society. In order to ensure the impact of the framework program, the support measures are oriented on clearly formulated goals from the outset and target achievement is systematically evaluated. As far as possible, the respective results and effects of the funded projects should be tracked and documented using the most specific, measurable and temporally-defined indicators. Evaluation and impact analysis will also serve the strategic development of program structure and content.

In addition to the insights gained from the evaluations of current and completed measures, the contents of FONA³ are continuously reviewed to see whether new topics and trends in sustainability should be added.

Tried-and-tested instruments are collaborative projects which are characterised by high standards on transdisciplinary elements, participatory elements and modern scientific communication. Transformative research, such as real-world laboratories, are new elements of project funding in FONA³.